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Our values

  • Exceptional service
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Performing change management should create benefit

Our Capabilities

  • A

    Business Consulting – We are experienced in identifying levers in “as is” business strategies & models as a base for improvements

    We analyse your operating model, value chains and product/service offering in context with your client base. You can expect from us ideas and proposals that will improve your competitiveness. We transform the business strategy changes into objectives for your working areas and support the realisation of changes

  • B

    Project Management – we execute projects in challenging environments

    Our proven experience in project management attained in Europe and Asia, allows us to execute all types of business projects in the knowledge that methodologies are a part of the toolbox, but not the target. We are glad to apply “your way to execute change” but nevertheless structured, efficient and transparent

  • C

    Business Process Engineering – For efficient workflows

    We analyse and design your workflows and embed your requirement in respect to efficiency, risk and standardisation. We are your partner to increase efficiency and to reduce cost and risks

  • D

    Our functional expertise

    Business intelligence, Impact analysis, Case studies, Guidelines, Business architecture, Data modelling, Business risks, Operational risk, Credit risk, Project Management, CRM, BPR, Prince2, SCRUM, Agile, V-Model, SDLC, Lean Six Sigma, Asset & Liability Management, Tax, Netting, Portfolio Management, Operating model, Processing Standards, Quality Standards, Client reporting

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